Price 10,000.00

Course Features
Language: English
3 Weeks
11 Lessons
Study Level: Intermediate
Certificate of Completion

What Will I Learn?

This course is designed for graduates of any discipline willing to build a drilling career, roughnecks, Derick men, and anyone attending formal well control training for the first time.

The content is intended to prepare candidates for higher-level well control courses and candidates are required to complete an accredited training course prior to being assessed through a written test.

Course Objectives

At the end of the programme, delegate should be able to:

  • Communicate as appropriate with the Supervisor
  • Recognize a drilling break and positive kick
  • Recognize a drilling break and positive kick
  • Bring the pump up to kill speed whilst maintaining constant bottom hole pressure

NOTE: The course assessment is only through a written test; however, practical familiarization of a drilling operation using a drilling simulator will be carried out by each candidate.

Course Content

Candidates may experience a Combined Surface and Subsea operations in the compulsory test papers.


  • Blowout preventers
  • BOP control systems
  • Chokes and manifolds
  • Auxiliary equipment

Principles and procedures

  • Shaker house operations, mud pit management, trip tank management. Leak-off test/MAASP
  • Primary well control, causes of kicks, normal and abnormal pressures, gas cutting, lost circulation, kicks as a result of surface-initiated actions
  • Kicks while drilling: – early warning signs, positive kick signs, kick while tripping
  • Shut-in procedures
  • Well control methods
  • Kill sheet exercises
  • Well control management