Course Details

The Manual Handling training course is designed to give delegates the opportunity to rethink the way they lift and handle items at work in order to explore safer techniques, enabling them to understand the importance of planning the way tasks are carried out. They will also gain the opportunity to practice kinetic methods in the workplace.

Outcome of Poor Manual Handling

  • Loss of Health
  • Man hour loss
  • Loss of investment on personnel by company
  • Loss of Income as a result of disability

Course Objectives

  • Have a basic knowledge of human anatomy.
  • Appreciate manual handling legislation and risk assessment.
  • Understand the principles of safe manual handling.
  • Be able to apply these principles to their own work situations.

Candidates are assessed both theoretically and practically in the course of the training against the requisite course objectives.

Target Audience

Personnel involved in the transportation of dangerous goods by air and sea.

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