The NPORS Rigging and Fleeting of Load training teaches individuals how to safely and effectively rig, lift, and move loads using various types of equipment, such as cranes and hoists. The program covers topics such as load estimation, selection and inspection of equipment, safe lifting procedures, and signaling techniques.

Upon completion of this course the learner will be capable of:

  1. 1.   Using basic items of rigging equipment safely and effectively

    2.   Identifying basic equipment used in rigging

    3.   Being aware of the statutory requirements, regulations and approved codes of practices regarding rigging equipment together with the learners obligations to Site Safety

    4.   Follow lift plans by selecting and using the correct equipment for the task

    5.   Inspection and use of different types of lifting equipment

    6.   Calculations required in rigging to include weight calculation, centre of gravity calculation, required angles, how to use sling charts

    7.   Lifting safely both out of balance loads, balanced loads and tandem lifting.

Accreditation and Professional Memberships