The NPORS Crawler Crane Course aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely operate a crawler crane.

In this course, delegates will learn:

  1. Load charts and calculations: Participants will learn how to interpret load charts and make load calculations, including the identification of safe working loads and the factors that can affect stability.
  2. Introduction to crawler cranes: This section covers the basic concepts and components of crawler cranes, as well as their uses and applications.
  3. Health and Safety: Participants will learn about the various health and safety regulations and guidelines that apply to crawler crane operation.
  4. Pre-operation checks: Participants will learn how to carry out a thorough pre-operation check of the crane, including a visual inspection and functional test of all controls and systems.
  5. Rigging and slinging: Participants will learn about the different types of rigging and slinging equipment and how to safely use them to lift loads.
  6. Operation: Participants will learn how to safely and efficiently operate the crane, including crane movements, load handling, and emergency procedures.
  7. Maintenance: Participants will learn about the basic maintenance requirements of crawler cranes, including daily checks and preventive maintenance procedures.

Accreditation and Professional Memberships