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What Will I Learn?

Crane Operators Training Course Details

This Crane Operators Training course is designed to help candidates achieve the necessary competence to safely operate any one of mobile, offshore, overhead or tower crane. The training is made simple and easy to understand with the use of simulators and practical sessions by JC Internationals’ seasoned and experienced instructors.

  • Course Duration: This is dependent on the level of hands-on experience in crane operation
  • Experienced: -2 days
  • Intermediate: – 3 days
  • Foundation: -5 days


  • Age: 18 years and above
  • Literacy: Basic reading and writing skills
  • Fitness: Certificate of physical and mental fitness
  • Physical ability: Good eyesight, sound hearing and ability to judge distance accurately.

Course Objectives

By the end of the crane operators course, the candidate should be able to as applicable to the crane specifics:

  • Define the titles “Crane Operator” and “Rigger” in line with each individual responsibility.
  • Health & Safety at Work Regulations.
  • Lifting gear regulations.
  • Lifting gear pre-use inspections.
  • To perform a daily preoperational inspection and documentation.
  • Operate the crane safely in accordance with manufacturer’s handbook and accepted codes of practice.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the controls of the particular model used during the training.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the proper use of lifting tackle.
  • Estimate the weight of loads.
  • Recognize correct crane signal
  • To perform a daily properational inspection and documentation.
  • Interpret load rating charts
  • Determine load weights
  • Use basic rigging skills
  • Use a load angle indicator
  • Demonstrate knowledge of dynamic and static lifts.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of safety for wind limitations.
  • Know the characteristics, operational mode, and Operational components of the types of cranes in use.
  • Hands-on assessment
  • Written assessment. [Course content not vetted by IADC as part of DIT accreditation]

Candidates are assessed both theoretically and practically in the course of the training against the requisite course objectives [Course content not vetted by IADC as part of DIT accreditation].

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