JC Training Oil and Gas
JC Training Oil and Gas
JC Training Oil and Gas

Course Title

Course Code: 6007

Course Duration

6 Months – 12 Months


Physical fitness, ability to read and write

Course Objective

This course is designed to equip participants with the required skill to:

  • Carry out pre use inspection of forklifts in compliance with manufacturers’ specifications and industry best practice.
  • Demonstrate skills for proper fueling and battery charging techniques
  • Identify types and characteristics of forklifts with different kinds of hazards associated with each one.
  • Identify stability triangle for forklifts.

Show confidence on knowledge gained applicable to Basic Driving Principles, Stability, and Load Handling

Target Audience

Lifting Superintendent, supervisors, logistics controllers, Crane Operators Riggers, Deck Foreman, Roustabouts/Roughnecks, Quayside personnel, Yard crews and freshers with no previous experience or training.

Target Industry

Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Wind Energy, Marine, & Construction Industry

Employability Skill

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Accreditation and Professional Memberships