Price 20,000.00

Course Features
Language: English
3 Weeks
11 Lessons
Study Level: Intermediate
Certificate of Completion

What Will I Learn?

The IADC Wellsharp program at JC International Ltd. Nigeria comprises a Practical Assessment Exercises and Written Test papers on Equipment and Principles and Procedures for Assistant Drillers, Drillers, Operation Engineers, Drilling Supervisors, Drilling Managers, Rig Managers, Tool Pusher, and Offshore Installation Managers, based on the IADC WellCAP Certification Standards.

This is a recognized well control certification by major Oil & Gas Industry players including

Course Objectives

By the end of the IADC Wellsharp Training Course at JC International facilities in Lagos and Port Harcourt Nigeria, the driller and drilling supervisors should be able to perform the following responsibilities as stipulated by IADC.

Major Operators like:

  • IOC’s

Drilling Contractors like:

  • Transocean
  • KCA Deutag
  • Seadrill
  • Diamond Offshore
  • Arabian Drilling

Services Companies like:

  • Halliburton
  • BJ Services

The Driller:

  • Set up for drilling operations
  • Communicate as appropriate with the Supervisor
  • Recognize a drilling break and positive kick
  • Perform the shut-in within the shortest possible time in accordance with a selected procedure
  • Bring the pump up to kill speed whilst maintaining constant bottom hole pressure

The Supervisor:

  • Give all appropriate instructions to the Driller at the commencement of the exercise.
  • Check that all these Instructions have been implemented.
  • Collect all appropriate data and complete a ‘useable’ kill sheet.
  • Kill the well using the appropriate procedure (Wait & Weight or Driller’ Method)
  • Operate the remote choke and make adjustments in accordance with the simulator time
  • Delay to maintain constant bottom hole pressure

Practical Content

Delegates are required to demonstrate practical knowledge of respective tasks during a well control exercise measured against a set of performance criteria, using an electronic simulator. During the exercise, delegates will be assessed on their ability to perform the above functions.